One Year Session Planning Theme or No Theme

Do you have an upcoming one year old? Do you have a newborn and you're already wondering how this one year photography session thing unfolds? Then this post is for you....

Good news, you've come to the right place. WE do ONE YEAR SESSIONS here and we do them well, if I can say so myself.

I'm known for my themed sessions and that's great! Getting to that point can often feel overwhelming when you don't know where to start. Do I pick a theme? Does the photographer pick? Do I make it simple? Maybe just a color? Maybe just one balloon? What should the baby wear? Will they smile? What if they don't like the cake?

These are all questions I get, often. And, they are good questions.

Let's start with themed sessions. At Bree Elle Photography, I offer both themed and simple one year sessions. Both of these include a cake smash portion AND a portrait portion. They happen in the same day so you aren't making two trips to the studio. And, it's over in less than 45 minutes and you have a full amazing gallery within 2-3 weeks. So, planning. How do we get here. You see immersive backdrops on my page. Some of these are custom and some are pre purchased backdrops from professional companies. That part is mostly up to me-what I can make happen or what I need a little help with would determine that. The really cool part is most can't tell the difference between a pre-printed or a custom-they are both great choices!

When choosing a theme, I can choose for you with little to no help or from a theme you've already saved from your Pinterest search. No two themes/sets are the same, so rest assured, yours won't look like someone else's. I know we all want originality. And, within the theme you choose, we can go simple or busy. We all have difference preferences and I'm here for that. Sometimes making the final decision is hard and you need someone to do it for you-I've got a list of previously done sessions that you can browse and often that is a quick fix. Or, if you just want to say, "I trust you", then I'm here for that too.

Once booking occurs, we begin all the planning with a very well thought out way to proceed to gather all the details. ALL of my sets are designed by me, so you don't have to bring anything but the baby and clothes. It doesn't get much easier than that!

Not everyone likes a theme and that's okay. I'm here for that too. Monotone sets have became a small favorite in my tiny little heart, so if you get overwhelmed by choosing something, just don't feel a theme fits your baby, or just love a certain color, let's run with it!

Ready to get started?

Just fill in the information below and we can start planning all the things!