Ah... Sweet Relief

3 year olds often bring in a breath of fresh air for some parents when it comes to sessions.

If you have a unicorn that has loved photos at every session, consider yourself very lucky.

Little kids not being interested in sessions is totally normal.

The lights, new environment, and camera can be a lot to take in!

I've watched mommas stress when their child didn't want to do their 1 year or 2 year pictures.

You planned the session, bought the outfits, and maybe they just weren't feeling it.

You're ready to write off all future pictures at this point.

But, another year goes by.

You're thinking, "you know what? I'm gonna try this one more time."

More than likely, to your surprise, you child is hamming it up and loving the attention!

Take a chance on your littles.

Let them be little

We're not afraid to let kids be kids over here!

I have young children myself.

I want everyone that walks through my doors to be comfortable and feel like family.

I love to see your little one enjoying themselves and being silly.

I love a good bribe


I am not saying that this did or didn't happen for this session.

They don't have to know that you were planning on incorporating a cake regardless of the session outcome.

If you want to bust out sweet eats to encourage the smiles until the end, let's do it!

This mini cake was well earned.

Send me a message and we'll get your big kid session booked