Here Comes Santa Claus!

He's flown in on his sleigh and he's began to create some Christmas magic.

Yes. These are quick sessions.

But, we're usually able to get a lot squeezed into those 10 minutes!

Some kids are either a little (or a lot) scared of him, love him, or have mixed emotions during the session.

All of these are great! You'll still receive a gallery that expresses your child.

She loves me, she loves me not

Speaking of mixed emotions.

Watch the progressions of this sweet girl and how she goes from "I like this guy" to "get me out of here!"

Totally normal and precious!

Disclaimer: No Harm Was Done to Crying Babies

I promise you, babies/toddlers only cry long enough for me to (quickly) capture the memories before a loved comes to their rescue.


Come in the doors relaxed and with an open mind.

While our Santa is jolly...

to your kiddos, he's still a big man in a bright red suit.

If you can mentally prepare yourself for whatever reaction your child may have,

you'll still leave the session happy that you booked.

If they want to cry, that's okay!

One day they won't.

Embrace the chaos and the memories.

There will come a year that they don't cry with Santa. I promise.

When that day comes, just like this momma, you'll be the one crying because you realize that they're growing up.

It's not too late to book your Santa session!

If you see one that is full, sign up to be on the waitlist to be notified of any cancellations.

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