Bunny Cake Smash

Can I just be real for a second with this post?

It's raining on Easter weekend. And, while all the egg hunts are mostly cancelled and the rain puts a damper on "our plans", can I be a voice for a second and let my thoughts sit and soak?

I'm so thankful for the rain. I'm thankful for the "events" that are cancelled because of it. While the bunnies are cute and the egg hunts are fun, this weekend is far from about a bunny.

Let the rain be a reset for you and your kids this weekend. Let it be a reminder of who came, who died, and who rose again. I don't ever want to overlook the seriousness of Easter and I want my kids to always remember Him first, over the bunny, the painted eggs, and the candy.

Recently, a father of two boys was telling me about his awakening to come back to a relationship with the Lord. With a crack in his voice, he said one day he woke up and realized that the two young boys he had helped bring into this world, that he had a responsibility for their growing up in a relationship with Christ.

It was as simple as that. He's world changed in that moment. It changed his life, his wife's, and his boys.

Let this little post remind us of ALL. THE. THINGS. The plan and the purpose.

The life, the death, and the resurrection.

Sunday's coming...