Which package option is best for you?

I offer mini and full sessions for maternity.

When booking a session with children, if your budget allows for it, go for the full session.

Sometimes kiddos need a little extra time to warm up. That's normal and okay!

The full session gives us an extra 30 minutes to work out any butterflies and to capture extra pictures.

Here's the deal:

Maternity sessions are really fun when you trust the process.

Long gone are the days of just posing and smiling at the camera.

I'll guide you along the way and we'll create a session that tells a story.

Your story.

When you include everyone, you're also getting an updated (or maybe even your first) family session.

Pictures with dad, kids, and some of yourself with that beautiful bump.

I love taking families outside for their sessions.

We have room to move, the kids can run around, and dad is usually more in his element.

Nature also provides really cool toys that keep those imaginations running.

Expecting? Let's set up your session!